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Welcome to the NEW Spaceport One! There's going to be some changes around here over the next little while as I try to re-vamp my site and make it look a little bit nicer. That means re-arranging where things are found and how they are displayed. I'll try to keep things simple, though, so if you're having problems, just drop me a line.

What hasn't changed is the Star Wars/Jedi Temple theme I have going. I will try to keep all links in-theme, so if you aren't sure what something might be, think of how the word fits in with the SW-Universe :o)

Links, TSF-related things, and Updates are only available from this main page, everything else is accessed by the links to the left.

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02/27/05 -- I've been updating a little bit here and there for the last few months and forgetting to announce them here. Most of the updates have been writing additions, which are as follows:

  • Original Fiction has been updated with:
    • a revised version of Questions of Loyalty's chapter 1
    • the addition of Spit and Prayers chapter 1.

  • Fan Fiction has been updated with:
    • Chapter 6 of The Rose
    • chapter 5 of Qui-Gon's Moon
    • new section WAAS Special Stuff along with Attack of The WAASers chapters 1-3
    • jedi shortie In The End

Past Updates