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- February 27, 2005 -

I've been updating a little bit here and there for the last few months and forgetting to announce them here. Most of the updates have been writing additions, which are as follows:

  • Original Fiction has been updated with:
    • a revised version of Questions of Loyalty's chapter 1
    • the addition of Spit and Prayers chapter 1.

  • Fan Fiction has been updated with:
    • Chapter 6 of The Rose
    • chapter 5 of Qui-Gon's Moon
    • new section WAAS Special Stuff along with Attack of The WAASers chapters 1-3
    • jedi shortie In The End

- October 24, 2004 -

  • New Layout. I'm just playng around to see what works. Got a nifty new domain and pro-hosting with Bravenet, so I'm just trying on some new templates of theirs. If you encounter any problems, email me

  • Find me now @ www.spaceport1.net! Update your bookmarks!!

  • - September 20, 2004 -

  • The next batch of Fan-fic pieces have been transferred to the new format. All that's left are my Jedi Shorties. Please bear with me as I try to find the time to switch those, and decide whether I'll be changing chapter pages, as well.